Hi! I’m Jim Green. I have been an entrepreneur for over 50 years – yes I am that old! I am a retired educator, union leader and negotiator. For most of the last 50 plus years, I have had at least one profitable business on the go – everything from a service station, to mail order, to vending machines, to appliance rental. I’m an Ezine Articles expert author.

I’ve made a buck and lost one also! but at the end of the day, life has been good. I’m not a bazillionaire, but I am comfortable. We live in Canada, so my home includes an indoor pool that we run whenever we are at home. My wife and I have traveled well! She passed away not long ago, so things are changing. We used to go to Disney World or Disney Land every year. We don’t gamble but we’ve been to Las Vegas several times. We’ve been to London, Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Dubrovnik, Rome, Venice, the Greek Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, Hawaii, Cayman Islands, Alaska, Barcelona, Lisbon, Malta, and the list goes on. So as you can see, I know how to make and spend a buck or two *8>)