Computer Grief Galore

I find it hard to believe that I could have so much computer grief! After all, people pay me to fix the problems they have with their computers.

First my laptop began acting up and behaving oddly on an intermittent basis. Then it crashed. I tried a number of recovery techniques, but none were successful. Formatting and starting over was the only answer.

I barely got my laptop up and running when I headed on the road. I had a newsletter to put out, but I either had the programs I needed, or I could download them on the road.

Good idea. Bad execution. Sure I could download anything I needed because there is Freeware or Trial Ware to do most anything. Unfortunately, I forgot one tiny little thing. Before I could use anything I created, I needed the login and passwords for Aweber, my autoresponder folks, and my website. Duh! They were at home on my desktop, and I had no access to it. Oh well, I’ll just have to finish up when I get home.

Not to be. As soon as I turned on my desktop it began to behave erratically. I quickly discerned that it was my keyboard – ever try to fix a keyboard when you can’t type anything into your computer. Not an easy task.

After much sleuthing, it turned out to be my wireless keyboard. Even though I replaced it with a wired keyboard, my problems continued – turns out that the wireless keyboard messed up all keyboard drivers. Once I got the old driver deleted, and restarted my computer, I was back in business.

It’ll take me a couple of days, but I expect to catch up fairly quickly ;>)

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