From Café to Walled City

Each day I try to walk for about two hours. As part of the walk, I stop in at a local establishment for coffee. The chap that runs it is the ultimate example of an entrepreneur in tune with his clients’ needs.

Try to keep in mind that success is not defined by how much money you make, but rather how close you come to achieving your own personal goals. Although he must make enough money to live, the chap’s major goal is to make a difference to the life of the people he serves.

In the Beginning

Originally, his business started out as a limited menu café, catering especially to the lunch time crowd from the nearby high school. The area around the café is mainly lower income, with a large percentage of the families dependent on outside agencies for their income. The café initially had some success, and he was able to interact with the students, and influence some of them to see the importance of an education, and to attend school regularly.

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